Our academy dances to a different rhythm, rooted in the North American Montessori curriculum. The seed of our academy sprouted from necessity, quickly flourishing into a shared dream, inspired by our pursuit of an educational philosophy that embraced our
children’s individuality, curiosity, and dynamism.

Eunice, a seasoned administrator, and Gregory, a retired U.S. Marine, unite their diverse skills and experiences to create what you see today.

This fusion of backgrounds creates an educational sanctuary where children are emboldened to embrace their natural curiosity and creativity.

Our academy is a microcosm of the world we want to see; vibrant, warm, and conducive to unhindered exploration. Here, learning is not a mere exchange of knowledge, but a journey mapped out by the heart’s curiosity and the mind’s thirst for discovery.
We welcome families who seek a diverse, enriching, and engaging learning experience for their children.

Join us in this thriving community of knowledge and discovery, as we learn, grow, and transform together in this vibrant community that is The Cole Kids Academy.