Who We Are:

Welcome to The Cole Kids Academy, where we’re elevating education to a new dimension. Rooted in a North-American Montessori framework, we blend academics with invaluable life competencies.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that every child deserves the chance to excel, no matter their starting point. Inspired by a holistic approach to education, we’re expanding our reach to include targeted support for families seeking individualized learning opportunities. 

We’re more than a school; we’re a launchpad for future leaders who’ll redefine what’s possible.

What Sets Us Apart:

Adaptive Learning Programs: Tailored support that meets each student at their level of need.

Enhanced Academic Support: Specialized sessions in reading, math, science, and more, designed to close learning gaps.

Empowering Individual Growth:A focus on developing self-confidence and independence through personalized learning plans.

Community of Support: A collaborative network of teachers, mentors, and peers dedicated to every student’s success.

Innovative Resources: Utilizing cutting-edge tools, methodologies and field experiences to enrich learning experiences.

Why It Matters:

In a world facing evolving educational and unprecedented climate challenges, providing a lifeline to families seeking alternative education paths and imparting survival tools isn’t just an option or mere pedagogy—it’s our responsibility and ethical duty.

We’re committed to ensuring no child is left behind, equipping them with the tools to thrive academically and beyond.

We’re not just shaping minds; we’re safeguarding the future, addressing both educational and environmental challenges to ensure a sustainable and empowering path for the next generation.

TCKA | At A Glance

The Cole Kids Academy (TCKA)

Days: Monday – Friday
Time: 1030 hrs – 1630 hrs

Curriculum Highlights:

Targeted Academic Support:

Personalized tutoring in core subjects to strengthen understanding and skills.

Creative and Intellectual Enrichment:

Workshops and clubs designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning.

Tech-Forward Solutions:

Leveraging technology to support interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Life Skills Development:

Programs aimed at building practical skills, from financial literacy to effective communication.

Community Engagement:

Encouraging active participation in community service and environmental stewardship projects.

Family Engagement:

Strengthening the partnership between home and school to support student learning.

Sustainability Education:

Integrating climate awareness and actions into our curriculum to cultivate eco-conscious citizens.

The Cole Kids Club (TCKC)

Days: Saturday
Time: 1030 hrs – 1530 hrs

An optional additional layer of assistance to enrich your child’s learning journey. 

By focusing our efforts to include personalized support for families seeking individualized learning opportunities, we’re ensuring The Cole Kids Academy remains a beacon of inclusive, quality education.

Here, every child is seen, supported, and celebrated.