Message From The Board

Welcome to The Cole Kids Academy! We are a North American Montessori Homeschool, based in the beautiful landscapes of Kenya, East Africa.

Our dedicated board, a dynamic blend of enthusiastic team members and spirited young learners, is pioneering an innovative form of homeschooling. We’re creating an educational model that balances academic performance and genuine happiness, all while deeply embedding our commitment to climate action. By weaving sustainable practices and renewable energy into our curriculum and daily routines, we don’t just aim for academic success; we cultivate a well-rounded sense of individuality and environmental responsibility in the next generation.

In crafting this unconventional educational path, we’ve emphasized joy, creativity, and individuality right alongside scholastic excellence. What we’ve found is that when the educational experience is grounded in these core values, academic success naturally follows!

We encourage you to be a part of this enriching journey. Whether your interest is piqued or you’re actively seeking an alternative to mainstream education, we hope our model resonates with you.

Best wishes on your educational voyage,

The Board of The Cole Kids Academy