Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose The Cole Kids Academy for homeschooling in Kenya?

We offer a personalized, culturally-rich educational experience. Families have direct involvement, and our curriculum meets both Kenyan and North American education standards.

What is the The Cole Kids Academy?

The Academy represents a comprehensive educational initiative, operating from Monday to Friday, between 0730 and 1730. It focuses on providing an in-depth academic experience two days a week, ensuring each child receives a tailored learning journey. Beyond the traditional classroom setting, we also integrate field trips three times a week to enhance the educational experience, marrying adventure with learning.

Will my child have to come to school on Saturdays?

No, attending on Saturdays is entirely optional. The Cole Kids Club is a vibrant extension of our educational model, the Club offers an additional support day on Saturdays from 1030 to 1530, included in the membership. It’s designed to complement the Academy’s curriculum by providing a unique opportunity for adventure and exploration. Here, learning continues outside the conventional classroom, emphasizing hands-on experiences and the joy of discovery.

How is the academic year structured at The Cole Kids Academy and what about breaks?

At The Cole Kids Academy, we embrace a continuous learning model throughout the year, departing from the traditional extended summer vacation. Our academic calendar is segmented into four quarters, with each quarter capped by a rejuvenating break lasting 2-3 weeks. This rhythm ensures that students enjoy regular intervals for relaxation while maintaining an uninterrupted educational progression, effectively minimizing lengthy disruptions in learning.

Even as The Cole Kids Academy pauses for breaks, The Cole Kids Club remains vibrant and active, offering year-long engagement opportunities. During the Academy’s hiatus, the Club springs into action, providing a plethora of exciting activities and field trips. It’s an ideal setup for those seeking ongoing involvement, bridging the academic breaks with enriching experiences of discovery and amusement, ensuring the learning journey is continuous and full of adventure.

Can students enroll at the start of any quarter, and how are the quarters structured?

Yes, indeed! Given our emphasis on individualized learning experiences, we have designed our quarters to be self-contained. This means students can begin their journey with The Cole Kids Academy at the start of any quarter. Here’s a breakdown of our quarter system:

      • 1st Quarter
        • (Q1): January – March
      • 2nd Quarter
        • (Q2): April – June
      • 3rd Quarter
        • (Q3): July – September
      • 4th Quarter
        • (Q4): October – December

Each quarter offers a fresh start, ensuring that no matter when a student enrolls, they are met with a tailored learning experience optimized for their personal growth. Our educators are adept at integrating new students, making sure they feel welcome and quickly become a part of our community.

How is sustainability integrated into the learning experience?

Our curriculum emphasizes environmental stewardship and sustainability, aiming to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to become conscientious global citizens. We offer hands-on learning experiences, including renewable energy projects and sustainable agriculture lessons, to foster a deep sense of responsibility and awareness for the planet. This approach ensures that students not only learn about environmental conservation in theory but also engage in practical activities that underscore the importance of caring for our world.

How does The Cole Kids Academy prepare students for a tech-centric world?

The Cole Kids Academy equips students for a technology-driven future by embedding coding, digital literacy, and other essential tech skills within our curriculum. Our approach goes beyond merely providing tech-enabled classrooms; we strive to ensure students are not only users of technology but also creators and critical thinkers in the digital realm. This includes hands-on projects and problem-solving activities that encourage innovation, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of how technology intersects with daily life and global challenges. By fostering these skills, we aim to prepare our students to navigate, contribute to, and succeed in an increasingly digital world.

What cultural elements are part of the curriculum?

Our curriculum at The Cole Kids Academy is uniquely designed to embrace and integrate a broad spectrum of cultural elements, including the rich traditions and history of both Kenya and North America. By bringing together the diverse backgrounds of our board members from these regions, we create a learning environment that is not only dynamic and culturally rich but also inclusive of North American traditions and historical perspectives. This holistic approach ensures that students gain a balanced understanding of global cultures, fostering a sense of appreciation, respect, and interconnectedness. Through engaging with both Kenyan and North American narratives, traditions, and educational philosophies, we prepare our students to navigate and thrive in a multicultural world, equipped with a broad and inclusive perspective.

Can I enroll my child in local extracurricular activities?

Absolutely. We encourage participation in local and international activities and collaborate with organizations for enriching experiences.

What community engagement opportunities do you offer?

We organize local outreach and community service projects to instill social responsibility and awareness in our students.

What are the expectations for family involvement?

Understanding the busy schedules of parents and guardians, we aim for a flexible approach to family involvement. Participation in meetings, workshops, and volunteer opportunities is welcomed but tailored to fit your availability. We value your contribution and seek to make engagement opportunities both meaningful and manageable.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

Details on financial aid and scholarships can be obtained from our admissions team at:

How do you support emotional well-being and mental health?

We have a holistic approach to education that includes emotional well-being, with programs aimed at building resilience, empathy, and mindfulness.

How do we address special educational needs at The Cole Kids Academy?

At The Cole Kids Academy, we’re committed to inclusive education. We ensure that our educators are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide a supportive learning environment for all students. Tailoring our approach to each child’s individual needs, we draw on a comprehensive suite of protocols and resources to effectively address challenges such as dyslexia, ADHD, and beyond. This commitment guarantees a personalized educational experience, fostering an atmosphere where every student has the opportunity to succeed.

What is The Cole Kids Academy’s stance on sustainability and climate change?

Climate change and sustainability aren’t just buzzwords for us; they’re an integral part of our educational ethos. We’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint and teaching our students the importance of sustainable living. This includes lessons on recyclable and renewable energy sources, as well as field trips to local farms and renewable energy facilities.

What are the core values that guide The Cole Kids Academy’s curriculum and culture?

Our core values are rooted in our belief in creating globally aware, socially responsible, and emotionally intelligent young citizens. We emphasize community engagement, diversity, and fostering a lifelong love for learning. These values inform not just what we teach but how we teach it, aiming for a balanced education that prepares our students for the complexities of the world they’re inheriting.

What’s the policy on online vs. in-person learning?

We’re flexible and adaptable to the needs of our families, offering both in-person and online learning modules with contingency plans for unforeseen interruptions.

Can my child explore different subjects?

Our Montessori approach allows for academic flexibility, letting students explore subjects that pique their interest while meeting core learning objectives.

How does The Cole Kids Academy support career exploration for students?

We believe it’s never too early to ignite a child’s interest in potential careers. Our curriculum is designed to encompass “Career Days,” where professionals from a diverse array of fields—including agriculture, technology, the arts, sciences, and sports—come to share their experiences and insights with our students. This approach offers students a window into various career paths, from the creative and innovative processes in the arts and technology to the investigative and exploratory nature of the sciences, as well as the discipline and teamwork found in sports. Through engaging with experts in fields such as biology, environmental science, digital innovation, performance arts, coaching, and sports management, students are encouraged to explore and envision themselves in different professional roles, fostering a broad understanding of the many opportunities the future holds.

What unique experiences do students gain from The Cole Kids Academy’s multi-cultural setting?

At The Cole Kids Academy, our inherently multi-cultural environment serves as a living, breathing cultural exchange. In this vibrant setting, students naturally gain a wealth of unique experiences by engaging with peers and educators from diverse backgrounds. Our community celebrates a variety of traditions, languages, and perspectives, enabling students to develop a profound appreciation for global diversity. This rich tapestry of cultures fosters empathy, curiosity, and open-mindedness, preparing students to thrive in a globally connected world. Through this immersive experience, students learn the value of cultural diversity as a key aspect of their education, becoming well-rounded global citizens ready to engage with and respect the wide array of cultures they will encounter throughout their lives.

How does The Cole Kids Academy help students become more responsible digital citizens?

At The Cole Kids Academy, fostering responsible digital citizenship is woven into the fabric of our curriculum, emphasizing the importance of navigating the digital world with awareness and integrity. Our approach integrates key aspects of digital literacy across all subjects. This includes teaching students about online safety, the importance of critically evaluating information, and understanding the implications of data privacy. Our educators guide students in recognizing the impact of their digital footprint, encouraging thoughtful online interactions, and empowering them to make informed decisions in the virtual space. Through discussions, projects, and guided online activities, we ensure our students are equipped to become respectful and ethical digital citizens in today’s increasingly connected world.

How does The Cole Kids Academy adapt its educational approach based on feedback and ongoing research?

We are dedicated to a dynamic and responsive educational philosophy. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in how we integrate the latest findings in early childhood education research and value the insights from our community.

We actively seek and incorporate feedback from families and educators, who are closest to our students’ learning experiences. Additionally, we engage with child development specialists to ensure our curriculum supports holistic growth—social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

Input from industry professionals and educational technologists informs us about future skills and tools, making our curriculum forward-thinking yet age-appropriate.

Moreover, we observe and consider our students’ responses and engagement as crucial feedback, directly influencing our teaching strategies to make learning joyful and effective.

By synthesizing these diverse perspectives, we ensure our approach evolves to meet the developmental needs of our students, preparing them not just for the next educational step, but for a lifetime of curiosity and learning.

How does The Cole Kids Academy accommodate different learning styles?

Recognizing that every child is unique, our curriculum is designed to be flexible. From visual to auditory to kinesthetic learning, our educators are trained to identify and adapt to different learning styles, ensuring each child thrives in their educational journey.

What is The Cole Kids Academy’s approach to assessments and grading?

We recognize that parents value a clear understanding of their child’s progress. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive evaluation system that goes beyond traditional grading. Our approach encompasses a holistic assessment of each child’s development, measuring not only academic skills but also crucial non-academic abilities such as critical thinking, collaboration, and emotional intelligence.

Through a combination of observation, ongoing feedback, and periodic assessments, we provide parents with detailed insights into their child’s growth and areas for further development. This approach ensures that parents have a comprehensive understanding of their child’s strengths and areas for growth, empowering them to support their child’s learning journey effectively

What opportunities are there for parental and community input into The Cole Kids Academy’s curriculum?

We value the voices of our families and community. Regular town-hall meetings and surveys offer parents and local stakeholders a platform to provide input into our curriculum and overall educational approach.

How do you ensure that The Cole Kids Academy educators are aligned with the Academy’s philosophy and goals?

Our educators go through a rigorous selection and onboarding process, which includes training on our core philosophy and values. Regular workshops, evaluations and feedback sessions ensure that they continue to align with our evolving educational approach.

What if we decide to transition to traditional schooling?

We work closely with families to ensure a seamless transition, providing all necessary academic records and support.

What are some of the unique field trips offered by The Cole Kids Club?

Our field trips are designed to be both educational and fun, ranging from visits to local farms and renewable energy sites to cultural landmarks. Each trip aims to complement what the children learn in the Academy, providing a practical, hands-on experience.

Is The Cole Kids Academy open to non-members?

No, The Cole Kids Academy is open to children who are enrolled in the academy.

How do you ensure the safety of children during Cole Kids Club activities?

Safety is our top priority. All our activities are supervised by trained staff, and we maintain a low student-to-staff ratio to ensure personalized attention. Additionally, we conduct thorough safety checks for all activities.

How do you keep parents updated on what’s happening in The Cole Kids Academy?

We believe in maintaining open lines of communication. Parents receive a monthly newsletter that highlights past and upcoming activities, special achievements, and any updates to our programs. Their are also weekly updates on upcoming special events.

Our Origins: How The Cole Kids Club Evolved into The Cole Kids Academy

Born as a beacon of support, The Cole Kids Club was our initial response to the challenges faced by our eldest Cole Kid who was enrolled in traditional private schooling systems, in Portland, OR. This wasn’t just any club; it was a refuge, a vibrant community where children, like our own, found camaraderie and a fresh way to approach education tailored to their unique needs.

But as time went on and needs changed, so did our vision. From the strong foundations of the Club, The Cole Kids Academy arose in Nairobi, Kenya. This isn’t just a school; it’s an embodiment of our belief in celebrating every child’s individuality. Here, we’ve shed the limitations of one-size-fits-all education. Instead, we champion a learning environment that recognizes, respects, and nurtures each child’s distinct character and style of learning.

What are the legal requirements to homeschool a child in Kenya?

There is a lack of clear, standardized legal regulations specifically governing homeschooling in Kenya. This lack of clear legislation means that the legal standing of homeschooling in Kenya is somewhat ambiguous. Some families in Kenya do homeschool their children, but the practice is not explicitly regulated by the Kenyan government.

The Basic Education Act of 2013 in Kenya does not provide specific provisions for homeschooling, and the Kenyan education system is generally geared toward formal schooling.

In the absence of clear regulations, families who wish to homeschool in Kenya, might seek legal advice or consult with local education officials to ensure they are in compliance with the law to the best of their ability.

It is recommended you stay engaged with any changes in Kenyan education law, as this information may change, and specific regulations pertaining to homeschooling could be introduced or clarified by the Government of Kenya.