Science in the Savannah: Hands-On Ecology Lessons Amidst Climate Challenges

In recent times, the educational landscape in Kenya, like many parts of the world, has faced unprecedented challenges due to the impacts of climate change, notably the severe floods that have led to the postponement of school re-openings. This situation underscores the importance of adapting our educational approaches to ensure continuity and relevance in times […]

Future Builders: Innovations in Sustainable Living – Kids’ Edition

In the heart of Kenya, a land of vibrant culture and rich heritage, there’s a burgeoning recognition of sustainable living’s significance, especially as we embark on Black History Month. This period is a poignant reminder of the profound contributions of Black innovators, inventors, and leaders. Their insights are not just historical footnotes but active inspirations […]

Eco-Explorers: Discovering Kenya’s Unique Biodiversity

In the serene grounds of Maxwell Adventist Academy, where I spent my high school years, mornings were often greeted by the sight of gazelles and antelopes gracefully grazing on the soccer fields. Occasionally, giraffes would join this peaceful assembly, a harmonious coexistence with wildlife that is a testament to Kenya’s rich biodiversity. This experience, in […]

Resilience and Renaissance: The Cole Kids Academy’s Remarkable Journey in 2023

In 2023, The Cole Kids Academy (TCKA) in Nairobi, Kenya, stands as a testament to innovation in education. This is a journey sparked by profound struggles of our oldest Cole Kid in traditional school environments near Portland, Oregon. Heartbroken by their distress and cries at each drop-off, we embarked on creating a more nurturing and […]

The Future of Education: Homeschooling at the Intersection of Modern Needs and Climate Action

In an ever-changing world that’s quickly adapting to new realities, the way we educate our children is also transforming. Traditional schools still hold significant value, but they’re increasingly sharing the stage with flexible, tailor-made educational approaches. And homeschooling, often heralded for its adaptability, is one such shining example. But here’s a twist—did you know that […]

Pioneers of Home Education: A Journey Through Homeschool Advocacy

From household names to unsung heroes, the world of homeschooling advocacy is a tapestry woven by diverse individuals who champion education beyond traditional boundaries. Delve into the stories of five advocates, some widely recognized and others quietly impactful, who share a common commitment to empowering families through homeschooling. J.K. Rowling: Nurturing Curiosity and Creativity In […]

Success Stories: A Journey Through Homeschooling Triumphs

In the realm of education, the path to success is as varied and unique as the individuals who walk it. Homeschooling, once an unconventional choice, has blossomed into a diverse and flexible avenue for many learners. Whether it’s nurturing prodigious talents or fostering a wholesome and balanced life, homeschooling is proving to be a gateway […]

The Role of Technology: In Modern Homeschooling

In the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya, technology has turned a new leaf in the book of homeschooling. No longer are families restricted to local resources; the world is now a classroom, with endless opportunities to explore and learn. Nairobi’s emergence as a tech hub has allowed homeschooling families to tap into both international and […]

Exploring the World Beyond Textbooks: A Journey of Joy, Wisdom, and Adventure

Exploring the world beyond textbooks is more than just a dream; it’s a joyful journey filled with surprises, wisdom, and bursts of creativity. Traditional schooling often focuses on academics, but have you considered what lies beyond that scope? The exciting world of life skills awaits, and it’s wonderful! Managing money doesn’t have to be dull; […]