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  • The Cole Kids Academy

    Embark on a journey of growth, learning, and adventure with our specially designed tuition plan, now offering unmatched flexibility to meet the diverse needs of every family:

    One-Time Enrollment Fee

    • Enrollment Fee KES 15,000 | USD 100
      Welcome to our community! This fee covers the initial setup and administration, ensuring a smooth start for your child’s educational adventure.

    Initial Adventure Gear Fee

    • Adventure Gear KES 15,000 | USD 100
      Prepares your child with all the necessary gear for our unique adventure-based learning activities, from field trips to hands-on science experiments.

    The Cole Kids Academy Tuition Fee

    • Monthly Tuition KES 150,000 | USD 1,000 [Monday – Friday | 0730 hrs – 1730 hrs]
      Our comprehensive program includes educational enrichment, physical activities, and creative exploration, designed to foster growth and a love for learning.

    • Daily Rate KES 7,500 | USD 50 
      For families needing flexibility or wishing to slowly integrate their child into our full-time program, we offer a daily rate. This option allows your child to experience the same high-quality education and activities as full-time students, on a day-by-day basis.

  • The Cole Kids Club [TCKC]

    • Days: Saturday [optional]
    • Time: 1030 hrs – 1530 hrs
      Included within your monthly tuition, our Saturday club is an enriching addition, offering specialized activities to deepen understanding and explore new interests at no extra cost.


  • Sibling Discount:
    Enroll siblings and enjoy a 25% family discount, making education accessible for every family member.

    Now Enrolling!
    Discover the flexibility and depth of education at The Cole Kids Academy.

    Whether you choose our daily or monthly plan, your child will embark on a learning adventure that prepares them for a lifetime of discovery and growth.